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Hey there. Starting with the obvious, my name's Paul. I'm a drupal developer working in London. Around the site you'll find more details about my work, my thoughts and how you can contact me about anything. You can find out a little more about me over here at slideshare. Happy reading!

My Work

Throughout my time I've worked on a variety of projects, below are a selection. You can view more on the 'my work' page.

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Recent updates

I gave a talk at Drupal Camp London this year, focusing on the UX of CMS users a.k.a the forgottten Drupal user. Below are the slides and a few notes to accompany them.

Drupal fields; improving select lists

Published: 11th Jan '15
Drupal and select lists

Everyone knows what a select list is, what it looks like and how it works. But that doesn't mean it can't get better, here a few modules that can be used to improve the experience for users when selecting items.

It's a well-known frustration that the core image management within Drupal isn't great (to put it mildly). Compared to CMS' such as wordpress it falls very short, there are however a few modules you can install and configure to help manage images better within your site. 

My last post on field collections involved revisioning with Workbench Moderation and the issues faced. Since then the module has been developed further, but I've also come across a potential replacement: Inline Entity Form. This is a short comparison of the two modules.