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Hey there. Starting with the obvious, my name's Paul. I'm a drupal developer working in London. Around the site you'll find more details about my work, my thoughts and how you can contact me about anything. You can find out a little more about me over here at slideshare. Happy reading!

My Work

Throughout my time I've worked on a variety of projects, below are a selection. You can view more on the 'my work' page.

  • Reach Skills
  • Our Better World
  • myhealth London
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My thoughts elsewhere: Drupal is growing, but will it continue to?

Published: 19th Jun '14

Drupal is on the rise – over the last two years installations have increased by 50% and there are now over 1 million sites on the web powered by it. There are a few factors behind Drupal’s success, but what will it have to do in the future to remain a popular choice of CMS?

This is the introduction to a post I have written elsewhere. Click on the link below to view the full post.

A while ago I wrote a post on Content Editors being the forgotten Drupal user, and how we could improve their experience. Well it's been over a year now and, as with anything online, things have changed and new stuff has appeared or been found. So here's a few extra modules that I think can improve the CMS users experience of Drupal.

Field collections are awesome, we all know that. When it comes to revisioning it starts to turn sour, go deeper and include workflow moderation and it really turns dark.

Forms are everywhere, whether they're asking users to register, comment on a post or submit an enquiry we ask users for a variety of information. Such actions should be as easy for the user as possible. Drupal core does the job but it's not as friendly or easy as it could be, below are a few modules you can use to greatly improve the experience.