Drupal and Google; BFFs - Introduction

Google and Drupal lovin'

Google has a dazzling array of free and premium services (yes they do more them email, maps, and analytics) and the Drupal community, being the open source wonder that it is, has built upon this and created multiple modules you can use to bring those services into Drupal. A quick search of the modules page shows that there are over 650 modules for the search term "Google", with over 390 for Drupal 7. With so many options available it seems a Google product may be able to solve almost any issue you need, but should Google be your first or only port of call?

The Good

Google projects that have developer documentation is awesome. The docs are very detailed, providing examples and in some cases allowing you to demo them yourself. The addition of FAQs and forums gives developers that extra helping hand if it's needed. What more could you ask for?

The Bad

As great as Google is, they have been known to have a spring clean and drop products, a Google graveyard of products can be seen on pinterest or if you want to go a step further and leave a flower you can over at Slate. So do you want to put the effort into integrating a Google product with the risk of you needing to find a replacement if they decide to can it? You'll need to weigh up the options and see if what Google offers is better than alternatives, and try and decide how likely it is to stick around for the long run.

So what am I doing talking about this?

Over the next however long it takes me to write them I'll be posting some demos/tutorials on how I would use some of Google features, with real world scenarios, including:

You'll notice Google Maps isn't on the list as I feel this has been done to death already with some great tutorials out there that I couldn't really add to. If you want to see some other Google services added to my list let me know.

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