Drupal's admin pages can be beautiful!

Adminimal Material

So, it turns out the Drupal CMS can be beautiful. I kid you not! Anditko has updated the Adminimal theme with a material skin based on Android Lollipop. I've mentioned Adminimal before, an admin theme that greatly improves the look and feel of Drupal’s CMS, and the latest update takes it that step further into the land of stunning.

The updated design takes the best features from Lollipop whilst maintaining the additional features and added usability that adminimal brought with it.

Page layouts

Pages as a whole have a warmer feel and make full use of the material design guidelines.

The definition of blocks and field sets within pages have been updated as have tables.


Buttons have been recoloured and designed with hover and click effects:

Select lists

Checkboxes and radio buttons are also included in the re design, with added animations when being selected and unselected.

All in all I’m loving the new skin, it also paves the way for other developers to create their own skins to be created.

Obviously as this is still in dev there are some minor issues with layout, I also would like to see some more work done of fields when adding/editing content. With continual development the issues will be worked out and we may even see additional design work done.

Check out the latest version and download it from the Drupal project page.