Things I've learnt in the Drupal Project issue queue

Drupal Review

For those Drupal devs new to submitting your own custom module to (as I am) you'll find a very well structured review process you have to pass first. The review process ensures your code is up to scratch and complies with Drupals coding standards.

This is one of the reasons I love Drupal, you can't just put any old thing up there, it has to have purpose, be unique, and be right. Some things I've learnt on this road to project approval are:

Automated tools are awesome!'s project review tool is amazing, checking for git issues (branch naming conventions), basic coding errors and Drupal coding standards all rolled into one. The bot crawls the issue queue and posts if it's spotted something. You can check your project yourself to save manual reviews picking up such errors.

You will feel like a noob

We're human, we make mistakes, be it small ones or big ones sooner or later something will slip the net. In my case I forgot a t() on a submit value of a form. Such a basic thing that when I read the comment I facepalmed myself. Lesson to learn: it's great to focus on the complex things, just don't forget the little things.

Get that community feeling - review bonus

Drupal, being built on that community feeling provides incentives for you to review other pending modules as well. If you do review three others a member of the project team will review yours ahead of those with no reviews. A queue jump in exchange for some effort on your part seems more than fair.

You will be amazed by others

Like any other group of developers there are some that are so shit-hot at it when you see something of theirs you can only look and wonder how they became what they are. Some of the manual reviews posted on projects do exactly that - picking up things you never would have thought of, or providing such detailed and intricate feedback that you know they're an amazing developer.

You will become a better developer

Through feedback left on my own project I now know of two new functions I have never heard of, and one new way of doing something. Exposing your code to be judged by others can be a daunting feeling, but a fresh set of eyes and a different experience will expand your own knowledge on the subject. The same can be achieved by reviewing modules created by other people.

You'll get to see what's new

If you do decide to review other people’s modules (and I strongly recommend you do) one of the things you will notice and say to yourself is, "That's a great idea, why didn't I think of that! I could totally use that module.” The great benefit to reviewing projects is that you get to see what is coming in the future; those ideas will be planted in your head ready to be put to use knowing there's already going to be a module for that.

The end bit

Drupal is something you can never stop learning and contains a community you can never stop getting involved in. You'll gain multiple things from submitting a module, most importantly (for me anyway) is a first hand experience of that community and how it helps developers and Drupal itself. The project queue is full of new ideas, why not check them out? Until next time, happy coding!