Webform Email Reply

So, I've created a module! It's my first one so it's stuck in sandbox at the moment but can be seen over on Drupal. As the title suggests the module enables you to send an email reply to a a webform submission from within the CMS.

Webforms have a variety of uses, mainly seen as a survey or application form process. They also prove useful instead of using the default contact form in drupal if you want to collect more data. With this module you can send an email from the CMS rather than your own inbox (with the site email being used as the from address). It stores all sent emails so you can review them if needed.

When viewing a webform submission a tab and link will appear which will take you to a form (click to enlarge).

The title is prefilled with the node title so all you need to enter is the email address(es) and message (click to enlarge). 

Once sent another link will appear on the submission page allowing you to see all replies that have been sent (click to enlarge).

Review, let me know what you think and more importantly, would you actually use this? Thanks!