With most websites a great deal of thought goes into the end user, how will they view and want to interact with the site? What are their key workflows? etc. So often content editors are forgotten about and left with only the basic tools to fully manage their site. Installing a few modules, making some quick configuration changes and adding some code snippets can enable users to more effectively manage their content and their site as a whole, leaving a happier admin as well as front end user.

Google charts is one of the services that has fantastic documentation, allowing you to really dig into it and get the best possible result. With a wide variety of chart types available and configurable options Google welcomes you to dive into it's API and see what you can do.

Google has a dazzling array of free and premium services (yes they do more them email, maps, and analytics) and the Drupal community, being the open source wonder that it is, has built upon this and created multiple modules you can use to bring those services into Drupal.

I've been working with Drupal for nearly two years now, still fairly new in the grand scheme of things. But in that time I've been able work on a variety of projects from small to big, simple to complex, minor additions to full builds and for various sectors and clients. Over that time I've grown to become rather fond of Drupal however there are also some bits I'm not so fond of.