My journey in Drupal, 4 years on

Published: 29th Mar '15

I’m approaching the 4 year mark at my agency and along with it my 4 year mark working with Drupal. It’s been an interesting journey so far and I’ve learned a fair bit, but, as with anything in technology, there’s still a great deal left to discover. This is my journey so far and a few key points I learned along the way.

Drupal fields; improving select lists

Published: 11th Jan '15
Drupal and select lists

Everyone knows what a select list is, what it looks like and how it works. But that doesn't mean it can't get better, here a few modules that can be used to improve the experience for users when selecting items.

For those Drupal devs new to submitting your own custom module to (as I am) you'll find a very well structured review process you have to pass first. The review process ensures your code is up to scratch and complies with Drupals coding standards.

Webform Email Reply

Published: 16th Jul '13

So, I've created a module! It's my first one so it's stuck in sandbox at the moment but can be seen over on Drupal. As the title suggests the module enables you to send an email reply to a a webform submission from within the CMS.

Drupal is famous for its community, the collaborative effect of thousands of people working together to build a better product is amazing. Due to this it's no surprise that there are a fair few modules out there to help create a site with your own community. I recently had to do just that; tasked with creating a site centred around two groups of people interacting with various permission settings. Here are a few good modules I used.